December Break Umrah

Trip to the 3 Iconic Mosques

Al Aqsa – Makkah – Medinah

5 Star Premium Package

Perform Umrah During the December 2017 Holiday Break

Travel Dates : 18-12-2017 – 31-12-2017




Outbound to Amman / Petra : Royal Jordanian

RJ11218 DECLHR-AMM16:0523:05

To Palestine / Al-Aqsa : Royal Jordanian

RJ34020 DECAMM-TLV20:4521:30

To Medinah : Royal Jordanian

RJ34123 DECTLV-AMM22:1523:00
RJ72224 DECAMM-MED01:3504:20

Inbound : Royal Jordanian

RJ70531 DECJED-AMM07:0008:00
RJ11131 DECAMM-LHR11:2014:45

Amman - Jordan

Regency Palace Hotel


Or Similar Hotel – TBC
Stay from 18th to 19th Dec 2017
B&B Basis


In the morning, we will visit many of the old sites that Amman is known for and enjoy the sight of Cathedrals, Mosques and the Cave of the 7 Sleepers. After enjoying the wonderful archaeology of old Amman, we would then drive to the Dead Sea where you could enjoy the incredible feeling of floating in the Dead Sea. At the end of the day, drive to Petra, dinner and overnight at the hotel in Petra.

Please Note: The time and highlight of your excursions are subject to change and TBC one day before.

Petra - Jordan

Marriott Petra Hotel


Or Similar Hotel – TBC
Stay from 19th to 20th Dec 2017
Half Board Basis


In the morning, we will visit Petra which is one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites and today’s one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A 2000-year-old ancient city (also known as the “red rock city”). Throughout most of the day, we will explore Petra’s incredible structures: the treasury, the field of tombs, the obelisks and the altar, and much more. In the afternoon, transfer to Amman airport for departure to Jerusalem. Arrival 6:30pm.

Please Note: The time and highlight of your excursions are subject to change and TBC one day before.

Al-Aqsa - Palestine

Landmark Hotel


Or Similar Hotel – TBC
Stay from 20th to 23rd Dec 2017
Dinner / Breakfast


Feel free to perform Fajr prayer in the Al-Aqsa and head back to your hotel and in the morning the day will be spent visiting Jerusalem, a city holy to the three monotheistic religions. The ancient city has experienced great bloodshed over the centuries, twenty times destroyed and yet still standing. In the old City, you will encounter an oriental charm and walk into the souk’s colourful alleys which take you to the meeting places of the three major monotheistic religions. Visit the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque, perform your prayer in both of them. Then the via Dolorosa, Omar Ibn Al Khattab mosque and the Holy Sepulcher, one of the emblems of Christianity. Visit Haet Albourak (the Wailing Wall) Across the Cardo: the ancient Roman city to Jabal Al-Nabi Daoud, visit the last Supper room and Makam Al-Nabi Daoud. Maghrib prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque then back to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Please Note: The time and highlight of your excursions are subject to change and TBC one day before.

Fajr prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the morning, you will continue visiting Jerusalem by going to The Mount of Olives. The highest peak in the city, known as at-Tur, rises to 818 meters and offers not only a splendid view of the old city, but also an important place in the history of three monotheist religions. Visit the tomb of Rabiaa Al-Adawiah who lived during the Abbassis Era 717 AD. She was a Sofi person and she left the world of spectacle and devoted her life to Islam. Today she is one of the most famous women in Islam. Visit Maqam Salman Al-Farisi, one of the greatest Sahabah, and a companion of Omer Ibn Al-Khattab. Together they came to Al Quds in 638AD. Then drive to Hebron, «Al-Khalil City». This city is built by the Canaanites around 4000 BC. You will be taken around the Old City, visit the Tombs of many Prophets: Ibrahim, Ishaq, Ya’qoub and their wives. Pray in Al-Khalil mosque then go to Halhul and visit Maqam Al-NabiYonus. Continue to Bethlehem and visit the birthplace of Al-Nabi Issa. Back to Al Quds, Maghrib prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

Please Note: The time and highlight of your excursions are subject to change and TBC one day before.

After breakfast, go to Al Aqsa Mosque for prayer, Zikr and Doaa and then Al-Jumua Prayers. Then depart for the green oasis near the Dead Sea : Jericho, the lowest city in the world at 240 metres below sea level. Stop in Maqam Al Nabi Mousa where, according to traditions, Prophet Mousa is buried. Continue to Jericho to see Jabel Al-Nabi Issa, then back to Jerusalem. Dinner, then transfer to the airport for Medinah Flight.

Please Note: The time and highlight of your excursions are subject to change and TBC one day before.


Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel


Or Similar Hotel – TBC
Stay from 24th to 27th Dec 2017
B&B Basis


Check-in to Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel


Enjoy Prayers at the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque


Mazarat on Private Coaches


Departure to Makkah via Private Air-Conditioned Coach



Le Meridien Hotel


Stay from 27th to 31st Dec 2017
B&B Basis


Check-in to Le Meridien Hotel, Makkah


Enjoy Prayers at the Haram


Mazarat on Private Coaches


Enjoy Prayers at the Haram


Travel to Jeddah Airport via Private Air-Conditioned Coach

Package Includes

  • Return Flights

    Flights on Royal Jordanian from Heathrow to Amman – Tel-Aviv – Medinah, Return from Jeddah

  • Amman Hotel

    Accommodation in Regency Palace Hotel (5 Star) in Petra

  • Petra Hotel

    Accommodation in Marriott Hotel (5 Star) in Petra

  • Jerusalem Hotel

    Accommodation in Landmark Hotel (5 Star) in Jerusalem

  • Medinah Hotel

    Accommodation in Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel (5 Star) in Medinah

  • Makkah Hotel

    Accommodation in Le Meridien Hotel (5 Star) in Makkah

  • Umrah Visa

    Guaranteed Umrah Visa

  • Private Transport

    Private Air-Conditioned Coaches

  • Mazarat

    Mazarat in Makkah and Medinah (date TBC)

  • Free ZamZam

    Free 5 Litre ZamZam Water

  • Afta Tours Experience

    15 Years Experience Providing High Value, Premium Tours


Alhumdullilah, it is our 15th year providing high quality, specially constructed packages for your complete peace of mind.

The package boasts a convenient timeframe to fit perfectly in the winter holiday season.


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