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Travel Dates : 12th to 26th August 2018

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Confirmed Direct Return Flights on Saudi Airlines – to London Heathrow to Medinah and return from Jeddah


SV11612 AUGLHR-MED20:0003:55+1


SV11526 AUGJED-LHR13:1017:40


Dar Al Taqwa


5 Star Hotel
3 Nights Stay
from 12th Aug to 4th Dhul-Hijja
Half Board Basis

Dar Al Tawhid


5 Star Hotel
Booked for 9 Nights
4th Dhul Hijja to 26th Aug
Half Board Basis



12thAUGFlight from UK to Medinah - departing from London Heathow (LHR)
Up to4thDH

Staying 3 nights until the 4th of Dhul-Hijja in Medinah at Dar Al Taqwa 5 Star Hotel - Directly opposite the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque. Double and Triple rooms with half board and free WiFi.

Mazarat and religious lectures included. During our stay in Medina we will enjoy having the privilege of praying at the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque. We will also have religious lectures and a fully guided tour for Mazarat.


On the 4th of Dhul-Hijja, we will begin our departure to Makkah via the bullet train or an internal flight, subject to confirmation based on the comfort and convenience of our Haji’s



4thDHWhen we arrive in Makkah, we will start the Hajj Rituals by performing the Greeting Tawaaf (Tawaaf Alqdoom).

After we finish our Umrah we will stay at the exclusive Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental 5 Star Hotel, directly opposite the Haram (Luxurious double and triple rooms with half board).

We will have full access to our hotel during the hajj days until our departure.


8thDHWe will head over to our private tents close to Jamarat to spend the night. Meals and hot & cold drinks will be provided.

(Based on last years arrangement) We will take the train from Mina to Arafat, (the most important day of Hajj) where we will stay in air-conditioned tents with half board.

Hot and cold drinks are served at all times. Here we combine and shorten both the Dhuhur and Asr prayers. Religious talks and comprehensive Doaa are offered by our Imam.

After sunset, we will take the train from Arafat to Muzdalifah where we perform Maghrib and Ish’a prayers shortened and combined (based on last years arrangement)

AFTA pilgrims will spend the night in Muzdalifah. After Fajr prayer we will be taking the train back to Mina accompanied by group leaders.

Our Muzdalifah location is fully carpeted.


We will stone the big Jamarat and take our private coaches back to Makkah, to our hotel. You can perform Tawaf Al Ifadhah (Al Ziyarah) at your leisure.

Once the Qurbani is done on your behalf (at an extra cost), you can come out of the state of Ihram.

After lunch we will take our private coaches to Mina, to our private tents, and spend at least half of the night. A meal will be provided. After midnight, the coaches will take us back to our Makkah hotel.

11thDHAfter lunch we will make our way to Mina to stone the three Jamarat and stay in our private tents and spend the night. A meal will be provided.
12thDHWe will stone the three Jamarat after Fajr prayer and return to our hotel. The rest of the 12th Dhul Hijja is a free day
13thDHWe will perform Tawaf Al Wadaa (Farewell Tawaf) and then prepare for our departure the following day.
14thDH26thAUGOur private coaches will take us to Jeddah Airport to begin with departure procedure to the UK

Package Includes

  • Pre-Hajj Seminar

    Held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London; Saturday 29th July 2017

  • Return Flights

    London Heathrow to Medinah & Return Flight from Jeddah

  • Internal Flights or Bullet Train

    Bullet Train to Makkah or Domestic flight between Medinah & Jeddah

  • According to Sunnah

    Performance of Hajj Tamatu’ according to the Sunnah

  • Dedicated Guidance & Help

    Dedicated religious Imaam, Group Leaders and Ground Support Staff in Saudia Arabia

  • Hajj Visa

    Guaranteed Hajj Visa

  • Medinah Hotel

    Accommodation in Dar Al-Taqwa 5 Star Hotel in Medinah – Half Board

  • Makkah Hotel

    Accommodation in a Dar Al-Tawhid 5 Star Hotel in Makkah – Half Board

  • null

    Private Tents in VIP Mina Camps & Arafat

    Private tents in VIP Mina camps located opposite Jamarat. Private Tents in Arafat. This is not a European Camp

  • Access to Hotel During Hajj

    Full access to Makkah hotel during Hajj days.

  • Private Transport

    Private Air-Conditioned Coaches

  • Train Service

    Train between Mina / Arafat / Muzdalifah / Mina

  • Mazarat

    Fully guided Mazarat in Medinah

  • Free ZamZam

    Free 5 Litre ZamZam Water

  • null

    Free Ihram

    Free Ihram – (2 towels) for men

  • null

    Free Bags and Pouches

    FREE Pouch for Jamarat, FREE Handbag, FREE Carrier Pouch for shoes & footwear


Alhumdullilah, it is our 15th year providing high quality, specially constructed packages for your complete peace of mind.

Both ‘Express’ and ‘Express Plus’ packages boast a convenient 2 week timeframe to fit perfectly around most work holiday schedules.


Payment Structure

£2000 deposit (per person) upon booking, followed by 3 easy payments.

Note about Triple Rooms

During Hajj and peak seasons all 5 Star Hotels add a rolling bed to complement triple rooms.


2 People Sharing a Room
SOLD OUT per adult
  • Based on a Double room with 2 people sharing in Medina/Makkah Hotels (Half Board).

  • Mina / Arafat VIP Camps (*with full access to Makkah Hotel).

  • Private coaches and train during the Hajj days.


3 People Sharing a Room
SOLD OUT per adult
  • Based on a Triple room with 3 people sharing in Medina/Makkah Hotels (Half Board).

  • Mina / Arafat VIP Camps (*with full access to Makkah Hotel).

  • Private coaches and train during the Hajj days.