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Alhamdullilah, our Hajj Packages for 2017 are SOLD OUT

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We are grateful to Allah SWT for the honour of helping many pilgrims over the years to complete their Hajj. The popularity of our packages means that they are amongst the first in the country to sell out completely, so registering interest early is essential to secure your place.

Our exclusive hajj packages have been created by us to offer the highest levels of comfort, convenience and value for money. Complete the form below and we will inform you of the best deals as they become available.

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HAJJ IS A ‘PILLAR OF ISLAM’. It is obligatory on every Muslim to perform it, at least once in their lifetime, if they have the means. Hajj is the largest gathering of Muslims from around the world.

It is a unifying process showing the brotherhood of man within Islam and their worship of the one and only God – Allah (Subhanahu Wa Tala). One purpose of the rites and ceremonies of Hajj, is for the pilgrim to reject evil in every way possible; physically, mentally, verbally and spiritually.


Alhumdullilah, it is our 15th year providing high quality, specially constructed packages for your complete peace of mind.

Both ‘Express’ and ‘Express Plus’ packages boast a convenient 2 week timeframe to fit perfectly around most work holiday schedules.