Hajj 2018

Choice of Premium Hajj Packages

Perform Hajj with Us this Year

Our exclusive hajj packages have been created by us to offer the highest levels of comfort, convenience and value for money.

Travel Dates : 12th to 26th August 2018

Express Package

14 Days

4 & 5 Star Hotels

Choice of Double, Triple or Quad Sharing Rooms

Express 'Plus' Package

14 Days

5 Star Hotels

Choice of Double or Triple Sharing Rooms

HAJJ IS A ‘PILLAR OF ISLAM’. It is obligatory on every Muslim to perform it, at least once in their lifetime, if they have the means. Hajj is the largest gathering of Muslims from around the world.

It is a unifying process showing the brotherhood of man within Islam and their worship of the one and only God – Allah (Subhanahu Wa Tala). One purpose of the rites and ceremonies of Hajj, is for the pilgrim to reject evil in every way possible; physically, mentally, verbally and spiritually.

All packages include

  • Pre-Hajj Seminar

    Held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London; Saturday 29th July 2017

  • Return Flights

    London Heathrow to Medinah & Return Flight from Jeddah

  • Internal Flights

    Domestic flights between Medinah & Jeddah

  • According to Sunnah

    Performance of Hajj Tamatu’ according to the Sunnah

  • Dedicated Guidance & Help

    Dedicated religious Imaam, Group Leaders and Ground Support Staff in Saudia Arabia

  • Hajj Visa

    Guaranteed Hajj Visa

  • Medinah Hotel

    Accommodation in a prime location Hotel in Medinah – Half Board

  • Makkah Hotel

    Accommodation in a 5 Star Hotel in Makkah – Half Board

  • null

    Private Tents in VIP Mina Camps & Arafat

    Private tents in VIP Mina camps located opposite Jamarat. Private Tents in Arafat. This is not a European Camp

  • Non-Shifting Package

    Full access to Makkah hotel during Hajj days.

  • Private Transport

    Private Air-Conditioned Coaches

  • Train Service

    Train between Mina / Arafat / Muzdalifah / Mina

  • Mazarat

    Fully guided Mazarat in Medinah

  • Free ZamZam

    Free 5 Litre ZamZam Water

  • null

    Free Ihram

    Free Ihram – (2 towels) for men

  • null

    Free Bags and Pouches

    FREE Pouch for Jamarat, FREE Handbag, FREE Carrier Pouch for shoes & footwear


Alhumdullilah, it is our 16th year providing high quality, specially constructed packages for your complete peace of mind.

Both ‘Express’ and ‘Express Plus’ packages boast a convenient 2 week timeframe to fit perfectly around most work holiday schedules.

Express Hajj

Starting from...
£8,550 per adult
  • Options of Double, Triple or Quad Room Sharing
  • Dallah Taibah 4 Star Hotel In Medinah
  • Swissotel Al-Maqam 5 Star Hotel in Makkah

Express Plus Hajj

** SOLD OUT **
£13,950 per adult
  • Options of Double or Triple Room Sharing
  • Dar Al-Taqwa 5 Star Hotel In Medinah
  • Dar Al-Tawhid 5 Star Hotel in Makkah